Augmented reality is a powerful and compelling tool  in fashion industry. As it enhances marketing campaigns and leads to boosted sales by engaging the customers. Augmented reality has revolutionized the entire fashion industry very creatively and beautifully. In the last few years augmented reality has been remodeling the business of fashion especially in retail. The brands are also giving the experience of blending real-time surroundings with animated designs to their customers. Moreover brands are providing change to their customers. This change gives opportunity to interact effortlessly with the brand.  AR is set to advance and modernize fashion runways and shopping experiences.

If we talk about a decade back in our lives fashion industry was quiet different from now. Virtual trying on clothes and different items including cosmetics have developed fashion a variety of ways. The adoption of augmented reality in fashion brings a variety of possibilities for fashion retailers. Additionally people are now much interested in doing virtual shopping from virtual departmental stores. Moreover, AR also provides color changing option to the customers while trying makeup and clothes in virtual magic mirrors.


In the fashion industry, augmented reality apps helps both the clothing retailer and the customer to choose the color of their choice from he variety of colors. Furthermore for making color choosing process easier AR apps in fashion industry have been developed in-store. AR also provides the ease of trials of cosmetics products. So that the customers can easily know which color will suit for their skin. AR also helps in visualizing 360 models  of the fabrics for the facility of the customers. 

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