Augmented reality is very accurately and beautifully combining the virtual world environment with the real world environment. Meanwhile location-based augmented reality allows developers to put together useful and digital content to markers of geo-based augmented reality.

As mentioned earlier that location-based augmented reality puts variety of virtual content to the real life objects. Location-based augmented reality technology has been developing from the last decade. Although it is also considered as responsible for having launched the world’s first pedestrian and car navigation system. With the development of pedestrian and car navigation system the need for a map has eliminated. After that since now many location-based augmented reality mobile applications marked their names in the worlds most advanced technologies. Many of the most successful mobile applications has been based on this technology.

Moreover, this AR technology does not require any type of markers to identify the location of virtual objects. That’s why this technology is also known as marker less, geo-based and position-based augmented reality.  Basically, location-based AR technology relies on GPS, digital compass, accelerometer and some other technologies to identify the position and location of the device with high accuracy.

Although every mobile owner can take the benefits of this AR technology by using modern mobile devices because most of the modern mobile devices  have the required sensors. Several industries like education, healthcare, tourism, advertising and entertainment etc. can receive benefits from using AR in their tech solutions.

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