A computer generated perceptual image of a situation exists in real world has long been a desire for humans in order to simulate the real world into the computer world to gain better results. Augmented Reality is one such technique that create perceptual image of real world scenario in a computer program that can analyses the human behavior into an artificial world. Over the year Augmented Reality was a slow moving field but the COVID-19 Pandemic has shifted the attention of a lot of people and companies to it and now it has developed into a huge field of both study and E-Commerce. For many companies in the business world it was a very harsh time during the pandemic and they have to rethink and reform their fundamental strategies to survive in the “new normal” world. Augmented Reality is one such technique that can provide the best solution of analyzing the human behavior and perception in the artificial world that can be used as a tool to improve the loopholes and survive effectively. Many field of life has already adopted the AR and more are joining the party every day. In this article we will review the top Augmented Reality Trends that will be dominating the business world in 2021.

Top Augmented Reality Trending Products 2021

  1. Location Based AR App Admin Panel

  2. Interactive Product Visualization App with Web Panel

  3. MarkerLess Web AR with Admin Panel

  4. Vuforia Cloud Recognition App with Web Panel

Repairing, Guidance and Diagnosis   

In the “new normal” world self-dependence will remain a key for survival and people will be looking for repairing, guidance and diagnosis of very simple task to the complex task on one click. Videos, images, live streaming guides of simple task of such as making an ordinary T-shirt look fashionable to complex task such as repairing engine of the car will remain as a top trend. Augmented Reality comes extremely handy in this regard as it provide the key data of human behavior over a particular issue. Many companies has set up special programs in order to achieve the maximum result during the pandemic and remain very successful during this period. One such example is the “Tech Live Look” developed by Porsche. By using the AR glasses the customer is able to connect to the Porsche technician sitting far away from him and guiding the customer in a real world. Not only the task become simpler but it makes the customer a bit more self-dependent rather than looking for a technician.

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Mobile AR

Mobile phones are no longer remain just a calling or connecting devices but are now became the essential of lie in every aspect of it. The induction of Augmented Reality in the smart phone world has changed the entire concept of mapping, designing, face tracking, simultaneous use of back and front camera and much more. Apple launches it ARKit 4 recently as a successor of it ARKit3. It enables the developers to tap into the new iPhones power and LiDAR hardware and contain improved face tracking, depth API and location anchors. Meanwhile, Google’s ARCore is inducting publicaly made street photos and videos in Google Maps. It also inducting the use of both front and back cameras simultaneously, multiple face tracking system and multiple AR capable apps. Not only the duo are competing in the AR world but are striving towards the best creating many opportunities to developers to dig deep into the field and use Mobile AR for the better tomorrow.

Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic made the world realize the importance of health sector and bring many new changes in the healthcare department itself. Augmented Reality is the biggest change so far. Training healthcare professionals, creating visuals of treatment procedure and protocols and to operate and handle various medical equipment, Augmented Reality has delivered the best in the “new normal”. Traditional methods of teaching and practicing the various medical operations are now simulated by a computer program through which a surgeon can practice and understand various complications of surgery on one click option. For instance, the CWRU Health Educational campus enables medical student to look into a 3D stimulatory program for the anatomy classes. The Oxford AR software treats the patients with phobias and anxiety disorder. It can reduce the fear of the patient by 68%. Another helpful AR program is AccuVein that enable nurses to locate the vein during the intravenous injections. The Augmented Reality in healthcare sector will remain as a top tend in AR in 2021 as well as many new software and programs are in developing stages.

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Social media growth has engulfed the retail market by large proportion in the past few years. The selective commercial campaign programs and targeted audience has proved extremely beneficial in digital marketing and E-commerce. The programs are proving even more effective by the use of Augmented Reality by allowing the customer to virtually analyze the product before making a purchase. The 3D images and various operational videos help customer to better understand the worth of the product sitting far away from the warehouse. Like an app called IKEA uses Augmented Reality to show shoppers how a specific furniture will look like in their home. It also gives buyer a 3D model of furniture in the room with the changing lighting conditions. Instagram for instance partners with many brands to use Instagram lens that allows the customers for a seamless transition between trying out a product and buying it through the app. It is cleared that Augmented Reality trend in the retail market will dominate the digital marketing values and will remain on the top of the list in AR trends in 2021. 

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