Augmented Reality has influenced each and every aspect of each and every field of our life. Meanwhile augmented reality has influenced real estate industry in a very beautiful way. In real estate, AR provides tour of a property to the buyers regardless of their location. AR also provides room’s designs and styles by choosing a traditional or modern finishing for house or room. More importantly, AR benefits its customers or users in many ways. AR provides its clients more visuals and informative proposals. Now agencies deal with those clients that are having more clear vision on a possible deal.

When it comes to visualization of the catalogue almost every agency or industry struggles. As print text descriptions of locations are not helpful for customers understanding. Photo ads are better than print text description but still they cannot show the proper realistic picture. It is also very difficult for the real estate agents to visit each site or location with the customers because it is very much time consuming. Moreover 3D models on mobile or desktops lacks full presentation yet they are somehow interactive.

Augmented Reality in Real Estate:

Augmented reality apps solves all the above mentioned issues very nicely. Now only with the single touch clients can see the apartments etc. from all angles. 3D models of the apartments helps the customers to understand the location interior and each and every thing related to the apartments of their choice. Now the customers can compare and analyze various sites, locations, buildings etc. without leaving their houses or offices. Furthermore while comparing and analyzing customers can feel the experience that they are really present there.

AR benefits real stare industry in many ways like by providing new marketing options, clear understanding of the products, better engagement, saves time and resources.

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