Augmented Reality helps us to rediscover the world in which we are living in. In the museums a completely advanced level of interaction can be seen with the help of augmented reality. As we all know that museums and galleries are preserving and displaying historical valuable objects. Although by seeing valuable historical objects we can enrich our knowledge and also satisfy our curiosity as well.

Many museums still stick to looking and walking around the things. Although it is the need of the time to implement augmented reality technologies into different fields of life. Hence augmented reality has been gaining popularity and developing for the past many years. Moreover all over the world many museums, galleries and exhibitions allows their visitors to look at the displayed pieces from a completely new angle. Augmented Reality made it possible to look 3D models and views of the displayed objects present in the museums.

How can Museums use Augmented Reality?

However, when we talk about developing and implementing augmented reality in the museums. “Enhancing the visitors’ experience” is the main and important factor. While using augmented reality in real life situations users can see many variations.

Audio augmented reality has made it possible that we can play, pause, back and forth rewind the audio related to the displayed objects. It is also possible to create 3D audio environment so that the visitors can understand the source of coming sounds. Augmented reality allows its users to take the exploration experience out of the boundaries. Moreover augmented reality provides outdoor exploration to its visitors simply by using mobile industry.

In nutshell, AR attracts more visitors, renovate the place, provides play and learn experience and brings exhibition to life.

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