Augmented Reality basically refers to the combination of virtual world and real world. Now AR devices in the field of manufacturing makes manufactures movement more unified and natural. Many people still confuses augmented reality with virtual reality. Basically Virtual Reality is an immersive experience that completely shuts out the real world. On the other hand, augmented reality overlays a computer generated video onto a camera captured video. The AR technology in manufacturing can be used in a variety of ways like Identifying working conditions that are not safe, visualizing 3D models of the proposed designs, and visualizing a finished product. Manufactures can also use AR for digitally presenting tasks to the workers.

Furthermore workers can also use AR for viewing equipment’s, checking the temperatures of the machines, investigating hot and unsafe work conditions for the equipment’s. For example locating workers, breaking down of machinery, and restricted locations in the factory etc. Traditional design and prototyping can be very lengthy but augmented reality speeds up this process by augmenting the task. Furthermore, AR simplifies teamwork and communication between the parties. The design and construction of the products can be seen in real time design with the help of augmented reality. Augmented reality allows manufactures to remotely assist their customers. Hence with the help of AR manufactures can solve the issues and problems of their customers online. As distance is not an issue for AR.


In nutshell, as safety is a big issue in the environment of manufacturing. Augmented reality solves the issue of safety by telling employees about the supplementary resources without wasting their time. AR also reduces down the time and expenses in technical training and education of the workers while dealing large, dangerous and complex machinery.

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