Augmented Reality rightfully takes a leading portion in the field of education now a days. As we all know that the traditional methods in education has almost disappeared. On the other hand, AR has digitized the teaching methods. AR has driven the teaching methods by innovations that happened in the technology of teaching. Hence, AR in education can serve in a variety of ways. Also AR makes learning engaging and fun. Furthermore AR also makes teaching innovative and fun.

As education is not limited to single age group or level. Similarly AR is also not limited to certain people or level. So, everyone can take benefits of AR from pre-school to higher education or even at work also. AR in education provides accessible learning materials anytime and anywhere. That’s why it engages the students and increases their level of interest and motivation. Moreover AR improves collaboration capabilities in a safe and efficient workplace environment. Furthermore it is a faster and more effective practical learning process.

How Augmented Reality in Education works?

Augmented Reality in education enhances the real world environment by including, text effects, sounds, graphics and multimedia. As we all know that AR combines the real world environment with the virtual environment very beautifully. AR brings life to worksheets and flashcards. Furthermore, AR demonstrates complex concepts into simpler form by showing 3D models of the objects. As AR is beneficial for teachers also. Teachers can easily develop a fun learning environment in the classrooms. In other words, AR has developed modern version of presenting digital content on the top of the graphical representation of real world. AR also supports distance education . Students can learn outside the classroom by using online educational technologies.

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