Augmented Reality shows the 3D models or images onto the real world. Moreover augmented reality shows live view of a physical environment. Similarly in the field of construction. The objects or elements are augmented by computer generated sensory inputs. The information about the surrounding real world environment is digitally manipulated and became interactive for the users. This become possible only due AR technology apps such as object recognition and computer vision.

Augmented Reality In Construction:

AR in the projects of construction and architecture by using mobile devices or 3D models places a 3D model of a proposed design onto a present space. Although from many previous years AR has been using by media entertainment and video gaming. As, AR in media entertainment and video gaming was and is still using for the interaction of real images with computer generated graphics. With the passage of time AR in construction and architecture has developed enough. Now by using specific AR apps architectures can satisfy the people by showing 3D models of the proposed designs. As Augmented Reality in construction is easy to use and is less costly. SO the small firm or construction companies can also use them. Meanwhile large companies are using AR in architecture and construction for many years and are having many benefits due to AR.

As we all know that the AR apps in each and every field of life are very user friendly. The interest and curiosity of the users develops when they see the 3D model of their proposed design. Furthermore, the constructors can show by using AR surrounding areas of the proposed models. AR apps checks the design analysis of 3D models. So that the clashes or barriers can easily be removed by virtually walking through the 3D models.

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