Cooking is an art that is essential for someone. While on the other hand it is interesting for someone. As we all have to cook some times in our life. Although sometimes we have to cook directly while sometimes we have to indirectly once or while in our life. Even though cooking is essential and interesting but it is dangerous for the children or for the newcomers’ in cooking.  As in cooking we have to deal with the fire and knifes.

The most important role of Augmented Reality in cooking is that it can show the table top on the screen to the newcomers. So that they do not have to interact with the fire. Moreover AR can show variety of easy cooking recipes to the young ones on the screen with the 3D visuals of the recipes. By using AR we can use markers that will help us to turn on and turn off the fire or flame.

AR also brings variety of kitchen hardware’s, kitchen environments and designs for making the modern and technological kitchen. Moreover AR overlays virtual world into real world. So, AR can also put together virtual kitchen elements or kitchen environment in the real kitchen environment. AR also provides real visuals and field of experience while doing cooking by using AR apps or technology.


While cooking by using AR in real kitchen we can experience augmented synthetic objects in the kitchen in front of the real objects. Mean while we can cook our meal with out wasting time in search of the recipes and by taking tension about the presence of our meal.

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