Augmented reality in e-commerce is developing better online shopping experiences to the customers. Meanwhile, AR in e-commerce helps business persons to raise and develop their online businesses. Basically, AR allows customers to experience services or preview products before buying any product. By using AR in e-commerce customers can choose the right product for the first time without wasting their time. AR can transform the shopping experiences of the customers. Customers can now check or test the items that how it’ll look on them.  AR increases the engagement of the people for doing online shopping as they can choose the item of their choice by seeing 3D view of that item.

AR technology provides customers with the preview placements. Hence by using preview placements customers can see the product that how it’ll look when placed in the certain place. With the help of AR customers can easily and accurately determine about the size and measurements of the products. Moreover it is also determined before how much space that item requires in its placement by using AR technology.

AR helps online customers to get to know about those items that they are going to buy. AR allows online shoppers to precisely understand about the items from clothing to cosmetic that how would those items would work on them. Moreover before adding the items to the shopping cart augmented reality allows the customers to virtually try on all the items that they are going to buy.


Augmented reality in e-commerce bring lots of interesting developments in online shopping and business. As, AR in e-commerce develops and increase customers engagements, attract customers, boost conversion rates etc. Moreover in the time of social distancing, AR is helping both the customers and shopkeepers in online businesses.

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