The educational sector has developed enormous changes due to augmented reality over the last few years. As augmented reality has developed in educational sector. Moreover, it has also been introduced among the young children as the children at the level of kindergarten. Across the globe the adoption of STEM education has quickly introduced to the littlest learners. Although for establishing lifelong foundations of the core skills among the early childhood of the children is a critical time. Despite all the conflicting technology reading, writing, and fine motor skills for the kids also play an important role. These skills are also necessary for the kids to learn. Now we are living in a digital society. In this digital society qualified teachers guide kindergarten students as to how and when to use the AR technology. AR presents variety of opportunities to the kindergarten children.

Augmented Reality in kindergarten:

While reading a book children can put a device on the images that are on the book and AR can bring them to life. As, AR combines the real and virtual world together. Now the children with the help of AR opens and hold a device and puts the camera of the device over the page and view surroundings. The AR technology or the AR app become active and on the screen of the device a 3D image appears. The 3D image that will appear on the screen will be imposed over the surroundings.  The children can easily see the appeared object from different angles by moving the screen or device. Although it has also been observed that one of the benefit of using AR in the kindergarten is that the children enjoy to do study.

AR brings life to worksheets and flashcards. Furthermore, AR demonstrates complex concepts into simpler form. For example, plant printed on page can be 3D visualized by showing its development from seed to flower etc. As AR is beneficial for teachers also. Teachers can easily develop a fun learning environment in the classrooms.

 In nutshell, AR is the fun play-based activity with lots of motivation and potential for the kindergartens.

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