Over the past few years, Augmented Reality has experienced a break through due to advancement in the smart phones. AR is the digital technology which changes the physical surroundings according to the person’s perception when viewed through a particular device. Although AR has similarities with virtual reality. AR augments real-world environment by overlaying digital components. AR does not replace the real-world environment as virtual reality replaces the real world environment.

In recent years, technology has gone a long way towards the advancements in the travel industry.  Augmented Reality provides many opportunities for travel agents and brands. AR gives more immersive experience and potential to tourists before they travel.  That’s why it is less expensive than virtual reality. As, virtual reality needs the headsets or devices. AR now works smarter with other mobile technologies cameras and GPS tracking.

Importance of AR in Travel Industry:

From past few years, augmented reality is becoming famous in the travel industry. One of the main important factor of AR in travel industry is that it enables travelers to visit hotels and many business operating to visit especially local sights and hotel rooms. As travelers require a lot of information before they travel till they have arrived to their desired location. AR can serves the travelers at any time. AR ensures travelers of providing all the information all the time.

Uses of AR in the Travel Industry:

In the travel industry the use of Augmented Reality is new and is still in developing stage. Some effective uses of augmented reality in the travel industry are explained below:

  • Adding the interactive elements in hotels improves the overall experience of the travelers. The ability of AR of providing more information to the travelers related to hotel, travel, resorts etc. enhances their level of interest.
  • AR allows tourists to add physical locations with the hotel environment which enhances the tourists’ interest.
  • AR can also be used to send reviews, maps, menus, vouchers at the point they are most relevant.

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