In the medical education learning requires large extent of workplace and mastery of complex skills. Medical education requires performance of the professional standards in the work environment. Since, practice and training of the medical students in real-life context is not always possible. Training is not always possible for reasons of costs, safety, time etc. Augmented Reality supports complex medical learning and has the potential to offer a highly realistic learning experience. AR is the technology that adds virtual content in the existing real world environment. AR system most commonly accept these three criteria’s:

  • Register in three dimensions
  • Merge virtual and real world
  • Interactive in real time situations.

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Examples of AR in medical education and training:

In the medical education and training AR can be used in many ways and still AR is developing in medical domain. Hence, some of the examples of AR in medical domain are as follows:

Visualizing human anatomical structure with AR:

It is essential for the medical students to understand human anatomy. Since anatomical knowledge supports the diagnosis and communication of the patients. Moreover, augmented reality provides a 3D view on human anatomy including tactile learning experience. It provides an overall perspective of anatomical structures and their mutual relations in a whole body. However, AR also enables elaboration of knowledge acquired in lectures and books.

Training laparoscopy skills with AR:

Laparoscopic procedures requires the highly automated handling of laparoscopic instruments. For instance, laparoscopic surgeons need to overcome the fulcrum effect. Many examples of AR supports in the domain of laparoscopy. AR applications allows and supports part-task practice with training scenarios. Moreover part-task practice includes varied practice and repetition of skills until high level of automation is reached.


AR learning environments provides meaningful learning experience to the medical students in the medical domain. Additionally learning in the medical domain is often placed in the real-life context with the help of AR. Although training of the medical students in the real-life context is always not possible.

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